Kim Pellerin

White Rock Medium

Nanaimo Medium

Kim has been touching people’s lives for over 25 years…

Spiritual Psychic Readings open doors for more insight, healing, personal growth and direction. Kim has the ability to communicate with your spirit guide she refers to as your “Go-2-Guide”. Your Reading is focused on information needed to move forward in your life adding to your soul’s portfolio. Topics being discussed may include family, children, health, life path, career/business, finances, future events, pets, love and relationships!

Mediumship Readings bring peace of mind and comfort. Those who’ve passed-on have been communicating with Kim her entire life. Sharing messages of hope, peace and healing from loved ones on the Other Side, brings Kim great joy. Experience the healing that Kim’s gift bring to you by talking with your loved one. She leads you to trust that your loved ones are safe and at peace, and shows you that those souls are guiding, encouraging, and loving you from the Other Side.

“On the path to living your best life you can be assured that I am connected heart and soul providing the utmost benefit for you and your loved ones.” ~ Kim Pellerin


Work with Kim, live your best life

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Work with Kim…

  • Obtain optimal health

  • Increase wealth

  • Find your soulmate

  • Live your best life

  • Enhance your love life

  • Create the best relationships

  • Build your business

  • Love your job

  • Live vibrantly

  • Create prosperity

  • Live in happiness

  • Be the best parent

“The 3 pillars Self, Home & Work dictate the quality of our lives. Infusing fresh energy in all environments unlocks the channel to Living your best life!” ~ Kim Pellerin


What clients are saying…

  • Rocking Chair in living room

    Rockin’ our way to better health

    Health, meditation and creativity all get a boost from rocking chairs Have you ever wondered why we automatically/instinctively rock babies? Rocking is a rhythmic movement that not only soothes infants, but also is soothing for adults. So, why
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  • Feet in water

    Get back to earth

    I’m always sharing information with my clients assisting them with challenges or questions they have regarding how to live their best life....finances, relationships, business, pregnancy, health etc. My philosophy is.....keep things as simple
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Work with Kim, live your best life

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