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From my earliest memory as a child I can remember always being scared to go to sleep by myself at night. I learned how to walk and get around at a very early age out of fear of being alone because when I was alone I would hear all kinds of voices speaking to me. I had no idea who they were and why no one else could hear them. It wasn’t until I was old enough to speak that I really understood that no one else heard these people talking and in some cases saw them standing there. No matter how many times my parents put me back to bed (in great frustration) I would get up again and again all through the night. I learned that the more noise I made the less I heard……. and so the hyperactivity began…….always being on the go……..running around talking to whoever would have a chat with me. You can well image that having a child as hyperactive as I was very exhausting for my parents and especially my Mom. My Mom used to place her hand on top of my head to try and calm me down, this did work quite well ……for the moment.


Even as a teenager I would ask my Mom not to go to sleep before I would. My heart would be pounding out of my chest accompanied by sweating from fear. I always had a plan where I could hide if needed. I never really knew what or who I was hiding from.

No one in my family has any background in the “Psychic Realm” and so I was left on my own to figure out what was wrong with me. My “gifts” if you will were certainly not anything I spoke of through my teenage years. Actually I really had no idea that someday I would come to refer to these episodes as a “gift”.

When I was around the age of 19 I had the good fortune of knowing a lady who was interested in the spiritual world (at the time I didn’t even know what that was). She spent an afternoon sharing information with me about people who can communicate with others in Spirit and speak to “Angels”. I can remember thinking “that’s interesting I wonder why she is telling me this?” She also recommended that I read some books by a lady whose name is Sylvia Browne. From the moment I started reading her books I can remember thinking: “Holy crap, I’m not nuts!” Now let me say that that doesn’t mean I became all enlighten when I was 19. Instead I continued living a life of having fun with friends, partying and being pretty self-absorbed.

In my late 20’s things really started to amplify and I was receiving what I know now to be “messages” all the time. I was not in a position at that time in my life to open up completely or to believe that there was a purpose to all of this. I had some really big signs that there were powers way beyond myself working with me.

One incident in particular was a time when an old boyfriend sank our boat in the lake and he had his young daughter on board with him. Next thing I know I hear her yelling for help and they are in serious trouble, I was able to swim out and rescue her and then go back for him. Others watching couldn’t believe how I was able to do that. None of them could swim in these extreme conditions. Well I know now that I was not alone and all those folks that had been with me for all my lifetime were lending a helping hand. If it weren’t for those helping hands two people would have died on that day.

In my 30’s life lead me down all kinds of roads and for some reason no matter how tough my life experiences were and how alone I felt I had this underlying feeling that things would work out. Throughout my life there have been many negative experiences and hurtful moments as I know so many others have had as well. I can remember saying out loud many times in my life “Why me, why are these people/circumstances being so mean to me? I’m a nice girl!”

Now I know that without a lot of those experiences negative and positive I would not be able to understand what my clients are experiencing and going through….. I am grateful for all of those experiences.

By the time I was in my early 30’s there was no stopping the universe and my destiny. No matter how hard I worked at NOT becoming an Intuitive Life Consultant there was just no way to deny it.

I spent many months working through any and all of my own self-doubts, I had some really great people to work with and assist me on this part of my journey. It was not always easy going through this process with me, I was scared and unsure what to think at that time.

Let me say it was not easy and there were times that I thought “Why am I doing this?” However we made it through and I am so grateful to those who worked with me during that time.

I have been Reading professionally for over 17 years now and feel blessed and honored to have shared in so many people’s lives. It was all worth it!!!!

To all of you who have shared pieces of your life and journey with me, I thank you and send you blessings and joy!!!

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