Get back to earth

Keep it simple!

I’m always sharing information with my clients assisting them with challenges or questions they have regarding how to live their best life….finances, relationships, business, pregnancy, health etc.

My philosophy is…..keep things as simple as possible. 

I would like to introduce a practice to you that is easy and quick. Our bodies and minds will known what to do with energy from the earth!

What is ‘earthing’?

Walking or having bare-feet contact the ground, also known as “earthing,” has gone from being a kooky counter-culture trend, to a scientifically-researched practice with a number of remarkable health advantages, such as increasing antioxidants , reducing inflammation, and improving sleep.

Earthing means walking or placing feet barefoot on soil, grass or sand (meaning: any natural surface). 

Early studies are showing that the health benefits come from the relationship between our bodies and the electrons in the earth. The planet has its own natural charge, and we seem to do better when we’re in direct contact with it.

Our beautiful days of warm sunny weather are here, let’s get out ….take those shoes off and soak up some electrons!

Have a great day, get out and shine brightly!


About Kim Pellerin

This blog is written by Kim Pellerin, White Rock Medium and Intuitive Consultant.