Are you feeling alone or lonely?

Does sanctuary describe your home?

Do you feel depressed or tired often?

Home Blessings


Blessings and Cleansing are beneficial for existing places or new-to-us places.

Cleaning “clearing” the air “energy” in your home is as important as vacuuming and dusting. Imagine living in a home for years and never cleaning? How dirty and unhealthy would that space become? The same applies to the air “energy” in our homes, clearing out resets/cleans up the energy in your home creating a healthy environment and fresh start! All the positive wonderful memories “energy” remains and all the negative is gone. Let’s Spring clean your home today!

Moving out of an old or into a new dwelling is a turning point in life, a rite of passage, marking a life change of an ending and a beginning. These changes require us to make adjustments, which can be eased by the enactment of blessings and cleansings.

“Home is where the heart is, quality of living takes place here and in our hearts.” ~ Kim Pellerin

Home Blessing
  • We will Bless the space and all who may enter, live or work there.
  • Expectations and goals for the life to be lived in the space can be expressed.
  • A dwelling place can be defined as a house, apartment, college dorm room, motor home or a number of other kinds of places where we may live.

The essential oils used for the blessings eliminate mildew, bacteria and other toxins on all surfaces in your home creating a beautiful aroma and refreshed home.

Business Blessings


Blessings & Cleansing are beneficial for work, office and business places.

Buildings, like people, accumulate and store the energies that constantly fill their interiors. If you are working in or own a business space that has been the site of difficult relationships, economic times, illness, financial stress… that is imprinted in and affecting the quality of your environment and profitability of your business.

“Return on Investment starts with the energy of your business environment.” ~ Kim Pellerin

Business Blessing

An office space, artistic space, play space or any other type of space in which we conduct business, live, work or play can be cleansed and cleared bringing improved health, accelerated prosperity and abundance.

A place of business can become a vibrantly prosperous sacred space for all who spend time there. Feel renewed, full of energy and happy at the end of your day.

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