Health, meditation and creativity all get a boost from rocking chairs

Have you ever wondered why we automatically/instinctively rock babies? Rocking is a rhythmic movement that not only soothes infants, but also is soothing for adults. So, why did we stop rocking as we grew up? Whatever the reason, perhaps it’s time to revisit an old friend.

Rocking chairs have been around for several hundred years. They may not be currently trendy, but rockers have survived the test of time. During US president, John F. Kennedy’s time in office, the rocking chair’s popularity soared. Why? Back when he was a senator, JFK’s doctor prescribed a rocking chair, along with swimming to help ease his chronic back pain. The rocking chair was so helpful to JFK that he always brought one with him wherever his presidential travels took him.

Going beyond back pain, the rocking chair offers the following physical benefits:

  1. ARTICULATES THE JOINTS – The movement of rocking articulates (rhythmically moves) all the joints of the foot. Helping to “oil “the joint by improving the production of joint fluid, and by improving blood supply to the area. Also helps movement of toes, feet, ankles, knees, and even hips.
  2. REDUCES CONSTIPATION – Studies have shown that rocking can have an impact on gut mobility, reducing constipation.
  3. REDUCES OEDEMA – The action of rocking causes the calf muscles to contract and release, acting like a “mini heart” pushing blood and fluid back up to the heart. This can help to reduce Oedema(swelling) and the production of varicose veins.
  4. REDUCE FALLS – It can also help with proprioception (the sense of where your body is in space) and balance and may help reduce the tendency to falls.
  5. NATUAL PAINKILLERS – Rocking also stimulates the body to produce natural painkillers (Endorphins).

For those looking for either a new or additional method for meditation, the rocking chair is a great option to try. Set up your meditation routine as you normally would, and rock yourself to a calm, relaxing place of peace. If you are new to meditation, rocking for a duration of 15 to 30 minutes a day is an easy goal to achieve.

The ‘CREATIVES’ – a new generation of rocking chair enthusiasts?

We all know that creative ideas generally come to us when we’re relaxed. And we also know that rocking in a rocking chair is very relaxing. So could it be that rocking chairs equal creativity? The publication, Scientific American says that when our minds wander, as they tend to in rocking chairs, the gentle rhythmic motion can “actually foster creativity.”

*What a surprising way to inspire creativity; to just let our minds wander while rocking in an old-fashioned rocking chair. If you haven’t already, maybe it’s time to add one of these creativity enhancing chairs to your backyard, camping gear, home or workspace.

*From providing an additional form of meditation everyone can enjoy, along with many health benefits to boosting creativity, the respectful rocking chair will always be there for us.

You are loved, shine brightly!


About Kim Pellerin

This blog is written by Kim Pellerin, White Rock Medium and Intuitive Consultant.